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COSOPAX is an innovative program that was initially established in 2013 by CRS as an impactful platform to raise awareness of social cohesion and peacebuilding among the families of the Great Lakes region. This initiative started mainly within groups of women in dioceses of Bukavu and Uvira/DRC, Bujumbura/Burundi, and Cyangugu/Rwanda.

The initiative was later transitioned into the hands of these women in order to motivate and empower them as part of the movement. As a result, men began to join their wives, which amplified the impact of the program and raised awareness among community leaders to become part of the course. This initiative continues to help COSOPAX members thrive in their communities and be part of sustainable solutions to help them combat issues surrounding poverty and peace building within their communities and neighboring borders.

106 new COSOPAX (Compagnons solidaires pour la paix dans les grands lacs) male members have joined the movement so far. They are committed to carrying out the COSOPAX mission which is integral and aims to promote peace and social cohesion for a better future for the next generations of the Great Lakes countries, without any kind of discrimination. It is within this framework of teaching by example that COSOPAX members continue to practice social cohesion and impact their families and communities.

As has been the established culture in COSOPAX, peace promotion starts on an individual level. Practicing empathy and engaging in solidarity with the voiceless is what makes people part of the movement.